Video Production


Your customers do not buy what you do they buy what you can do for them. What are the features of your product or service and what benefits would I receive if I were to buy from you?

When your customers can clearly see that what you are offering is different from competitors, it’s easier for you to influence the market for less cost, quickly.

An offer to the market that incorporates your core values will persuade more easily, and convince more quickly, because it influences a deeper part of the buyers psychology.

  • More Effective Messaging
  • Create Stronger Brands
  • Guarantee the Market knows your Offer
  • Video 65% effective vs Text 15% effective
  • Find New Distribution Channels and Customers
  • Drives New Customers to you

Branding and messaging are key ingredients in communicating what makes you special. Your customers may not remember facts and figures, but will always remember how you make them feel.

We help you develop a memorable, compelling story inspiring commitment and engagement with your company.

We help you deliver a high end service both operationally and visually, and because visual presentation is 65% more effective than text, we provide an end to end video production service.

We specialise in making high quality videos and animations, deliverable on all media platforms. 


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“Since working with MIT our situation has completely turned around. A £150k loss is now a £1.4 million profit.”
— MARK WEBBER, Tinsley Bridge