Technology Transfer


Of the six competitive platforms technology innovation provides the greatest potential for market disruption and high revenue. For most companies, technology licensing is less risky, less expensive, and quicker than research and development.

It can be used to fill in gaps in product portfolios, develop entirely new products, or increase the functionality of existing products. Companies already undertaking research may benefit by finding less costly solutions, from external sources.

Our process starts by providing you with an overview of market trends and technology futures. We provide samples of technology offers to help you refine your search and understand the range of opportunities you have.

We work with you, to specify the technologies, products, systems and applications, markets, and business opportunities of most interest to you. We help you to define the scope of your search, so that the search process is precise and targeted. We develop a search specification and forward this to large corporates, research organisations, innovative small companies, technology brokers and intermediaries.

Our international searches find products, processes, technologies, and new services, in the form of manufacturing licenses, patents and IP, collaborative research projects, company acquisitions, joint ventures and investment opportunities, that best suit your needs.

Incoming opportunities are screened for synergy and fit and for profit potential. We are also available to conduct more in depth technical and market due diligence.

After technology selection we are available to advise, if necessary throughout the negotiation and contracting phase to technology acquisition and implementation.

For sample products, technologies contact info [at] mitdigital [dot] co [dot] uk

We would recommend MIT to any company seeking to expand its portfolio of products and investments
— Matthew O’Dowd MD Aduacia Holdings