Renewable Energy

Our client is a substantial state-owned energy supplier.

The company’s strategic mandate is to ensure sufficient and stable energy supply for a significant regional province. It has accounted for about half of the total power generation capacity and electricity output since its establishment in 2001. It is also the largest coal trading platform and has a monopoly of provincial pipeline natural gas transmission and distribution in the province. The company enjoys significant Government Support, it benefits from favourable allocation of quality energy resources, accounting for at least half of the newly developed power generation projects and owning equity interest in all nuclear power projects in the province. It enjoys a strong standalone credit profile

The company is now actively seeking to diversify by acquiring access to the following technologies:

  • Wind, Tidal, Solar
  • Energy Storage
  • Hydrogen Production, Storage and Use
  • Fuel Cells, PEMFC, SOFC
  • Energy Distribution Systems
  • Carbon Capture Storage and Use

The company is actively seeking to diversify by incorporating new products, processes and technologies into its portfolio. The company would consider joint venture, partnership, acquisition or equity participation in established businesses either seeking to divest or to expand operations where its significant leverage can be mutually beneficial.

There is no upper limit to the investment and although later stage companies are preferred investment in exceptional pre-revenue companies will be considered.

If you feel your business matches these investment criteria please contact in the first instance Steve Dore at steve [at] mitdigital [dot] co [dot] uk or ring on 07870528278 for further details and a confidential discussion.

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