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Growing Products, Customers & Revenue

Developing your competitive advantage through marketing, finance, and new technology.

Marketing, Investment & Technology


We are a UK based Management Consultancy working with manufacturing and service companies throughout Europe.

Few companies have all the skills and resources in-house required to be competitive across all 6 business disciplines; cost, distribution, customer service, technology & innovation, human resources, marketing & branding.

Marketing, Investment & Technology delivers business support in a way that best suits your needs. Whether consultancy, coaching, direct delivery, or training in-house personnel.

We believe that every company has at its fingertips the ability to increase market share by developing new marketing strategies. We are experts in this field and introduce businesses to the benefits of digital marketing. We achieve this by implementing bespoke inbound marketing campaigns tailored specifically to each company.

Digital Marketing

Using traditional marketing methods combined with SEO to find new distribution channels, customers, and sales

Raising Investment

Grow your business with equity venture or grant funding

Video Production

Video is 65% more effective than other media in selling your product or service

Technology Transfer

License new technology to disrupt your marketplace


Develop your new products and reduce the risk, cost and time to market


Reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction, and automate marketing, sales and your customer journey 

"We are delighted with the results achieved through our recent technology search and investment programme with MIT. We have acquired interest in exciting new technology, that will transform the market and deliver very significant ROI. We would recommend MIT to any corporate wishing to grow, innovate and improve their product and investment portfolios”

Matthew O'Dowd

"Since working with MIT our situation has completely turned around. A £150k loss is now a £1.4 million profit."

Mark Webber

"Since using MIT our enquiries increased by 50%"

Rob Bloomfield

Free Consultation

We offer an initial consultation (worth £1,000) free of charge to identify where performance improvements can be made.  Our audit clearly shows the cost of implementation and the potential return on investment.

 We offer a money back guarantee on providing improved revenue performance.