Recent Clients

ANF develop, market and sell NAFEN Dynamic Enhancers to the most relevant industries and endeavor to work cooperatively with leaders in those industries for the purpose of enhancing their existing products and developing new, innovative product and material solutions.

Devised business strategy, conducted market research, produced a marketing plan

Greenely is the a next generation energy management tool. Using the Greenely mobile app, households are able to get an overview of their energy consumption and personalized feedback on their energy behavior, all with minimum effort and with no additional hardware installation.

Guided the business through to investment readiness, satisfied interim recruitment needs, prepared the business for market entry

Flowquip was established in 1982 with the primary focus of supplying complete flow metering solutions to industry. For over 30 years they have provided specialist flow instrumentation and expertise and have built up an extensive client-base. Their customers include some of the most well-known names within the field of process industries, food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and oil and gas.

Orchestrated digital marketing campaign

Nautilus Floating Solutions, designs, manufactures, installs operates and maintains floating platforms for off-shore wind

Developed the commercialisation of company product, guided the business through to investment readiness

Salamander Fabrications are a sheet metal fabricator based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. With 40 years of precision sheet metal working expertise. They offer a full design service, in addition to CNC punching, Laser cutting, Manual CNC bending, Automated CNC bending, welding & fabrication of ferrous and non ferrous materials, Powder coating, assembly and integration.

Orchestrated digital marketing campaign

Matrix Direct Recycle was formed in 2003 as one of the first companies in the UK to specifically focus on WEEE recycling. And operates a collection network across the UK and contracts for the collection and recycling of electrical waste from private individuals, businesses, insurance companies and councils.

Conducted market research, produced a marketing plan, prepared the business for market entry

Established in 2004, Floating Power Plant (FPP) is a clean-tech company that designs, develops and provides a unique floating patented platform for wind and wave energy. FPP developed the worlds only offshore proven combined floating wind and wave device to have delivered power to the grid. FPP is today represented with offices in United Kingdom, Norway and Denmark, with strategic and working partners globally.

Guided the business through to investment readiness, initiated corporate partnering

Nordic Aircraft  was founded in 1991. Over the years a vast experience in composites have been worked up and a long list of successful projects have been accomplished, through offering innovation, experience, high technical competence, well-functioning project management and an end to end capability. Nordic Aircraft are used to working with demanding aerospace customers like Saab, GKN Aerospace, RUAG Space, Swedish Space Corporation, OHB Sweden, Swedish Defence Research Agency etc

Conducted market research, carried out market planning, initiated corporate partnering

ATC Group Services LLC (ATC) is a full-service environmental consulting and industrial hygiene firm operating more than 115 offices nationwide. They specialise in Environmental Consulting, Industrial Hygiene, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing & Special Inspection, Petroleum, Due Diligence, and Environmental Health & Safety Training.

Conducted market research, guided the business through to investment readiness, Obtained funding through funding application

Seram Coatings operate within the glass, ceramics and concrete industry, and specialise in Silicon Carbide Coating for thermal spray, wear (abrasion, sliding), HVOF, Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS), Detonation gun, high temperature, corrosion at high temperatures

Conducted market research, produced a marketing plan, prepared the business for market entry

Powdertech Surface Science are experts in the application of chrome-free pre-treatments and powder coatings for lightweight alloy materials, in the automotive, aerospace, architectural and other specialised industries.

Devised a corporate strategy, carried out market research, produced a marketing plan, prepared the business for market entry

Promotech develops and applies advanced technology to anticipate and fully satisfy customers’ needs and expectations. . Custom made machines and complete welding lines are designed and built for specific customers’ needs.

Conducted market research, prepared the business for market entry

North Base Build, offer clients top quality, bespoke project management services for all self-build and custom build requirements.

Conducted market research, developed a business plan, guided the company through to investment readiness, successfully obtained funding

AvantiCell delivers leading-edge solutions for customers wishing to evaluate bio-activity or bio-safety in a wide-range of test materials, from pharmaceuticals, traditional medicines and natural products to medical devices and nano-structured materials. 

Initiated corporate partnering, prepared the business for market entry

ReLaDe`s innovative technology enables them to recover and reuse their proprietary laundry detergent without having any loss in activity or effectiveness.  It greatly reduces the environmental footprint of the production of chemical detergents, as well as a huge reduction of chemical contamination of water per household.   

Carried out market research, devised a marketing plan, prepared the business for market entry