Using Digital Marketing to differentiate your product

Digital marketing has changed the way we connect with customers. There are at least 27 different skill sets required to fully engage with digital marketing, social media, and the new opportunities the internet can offer.

There is also strategy, management, and multiple tools, to consider when positioning your offer to the market. Few companies have all the skills and resources required to capture all the sales growth potential, available to them, and many find it difficult to source the expertise they need.

Competitive Positioning

We help you to define how your market offering is different from competitors. This makes it easier to influence the market and reduces the cost and time it takes to engage with new customers. You can offer the lowest cost, the best product or the best service but not all three.

We can help you refine your offer, develop your brand, pricing and distribution networks.

Marketing and Sales Process

Wen will show you how to market your business by defining how you will win new customers, develop business with existing customers, and manage the internal sales process, to map onto steps the buyer must take. This makes it easy for customers to buy from you.

We will review your sales and marketing process, identify opportunities for sales growth, and transfer the skills and processes needed to achieve high growth targets.

This may include print media, direct mail, email, PR, exhibitions, telesales, SEO/SEM, online advertising, and social media to name a few.


We will help you to identify the resources, processes, software and tools that can help you generate higher levels of good quality new customer enquiries, and convert more of these to valued long term customers.

This may involve new distributors, agents, and resellers, website functionality, messaging, CRM, performance monitoring, and other software and tools to manage and maintain every aspect of your high performance sales growth.

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